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If the robotic arm had robot eyes then it would likely have been able to see the dial in the murky depths. Rolex uses their very nice CHROMALIGHT lume in blue for the dial, which is surrounded by a massive chapter ring (and we thought it was big on the regular Rolex Deepsea). The bezel insert is ceramic, done in Rolex's proprietary Cerachrom material with platinum colored numerals. For a piece that will likely never be produced in any commercial capacity, Rolex is sure going through a lot of effort to tease people.

In forged carbon, the Royal Oak Diver changes a bit and goes up in price. More seasoned AP fans will certainly enjoy this - even in addition to the steel model. Audemars Piguet ups the sport theme of the piece with the black dial mixed with yellow elements such as the minute hand. This look hearkens back to one of the original forged carbon watches - which was the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Forged Carbon that many people nicknamed the Bumble Bee. You can see how these two watches exist in the same family.

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Inside the NSR 100 watches are Japanese quartz movements. Likewise, in the NMX 650 watch range is a Japanese quartz movement - not sure if it is the same one. A bit high-end, the larger NMX 650 collection sports more water resistance and a design that is more Seiko/Citizen in nature. The NMX 650 is a pretty massive 50mm in width and has a steel case and rotating diver's bezel. It is water resistant to 200 meters. The whole package looks like a combo of the Seiko Tuna, Rolex Submariner, and the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Looks like... not IS like.

It just wouldn't be a Speedmaster without a tachymeter (tachymetre) scale bezel. Not that I would ever use it, but it is good to know that some things don't change. The bezel does help frame the design of the watch well, and offers a little piece of utility that people might have once used "back in the day". A little retro love never hurt anyone.

The Christopher Ward C900 Single Pusher Chronograph Watch Releases

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OK, little tangent here. Say you are wearing your new timepiece acquisition and really proud of it and strutting around. Someone notices it and remarks, "hey, that is a cool watch. What is it?" Do brands really want you responding with "oh you like that? This here is the new Chronograph Three Counter Date Moon 45 1941 With Black Dial... watch. And it is all mine." Think that sounds absurd? I have literally come across a series of watches with naming schemes just like that. If you design a watch with a personality give it a name with at least some personality.

Ocean7 LM2-AD Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

de GRISOGONO Meccanico dG Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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The Gefica case has a tribal relic appearance unlike anything most people had seen before it was first debuted. While this Bulgari version has a modified dial, the original model (upon which this is based) had an art deco look. Who would have thought to combine tribal and art deco aesthetics? The result was masterful, and the functionality and legibility of the dial, given its novel design, are legendary. I first discussed the Gerald Genta Gefica watches here.

Certification: Individually serial numbered with accompanying C.O.S.C certification.

EHF Mk Zero Watch Review

EHF Mk Zero Watch Review

By default the dial shows you a number of things. You have the time, date, synchronized 24 hour hand (for AM/PM), date, day of the week, and US timezone indicator. This version of the watch is clearly for the US given indicators such as LAX, DEN, NYC, and well LON. You can change the timezone easily by pulling out the crown and the time easily adjusts for you. Pulling out the crown and turning the crown is also how you access features such as the chronograph and alarm. If you press the pushers with the crown in other settings you'll get other information that you may need the instructions to decipher. Once you learn it though, this watch proves to be nice looking and pretty geektastic.

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If the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso for the Dark Knight Rises didn't inspire you, maybe this set of Batman and Bane watches from Diesel will. While the watches aren't going to be available while the movie is still in theaters... Batman and The Dark Knight Rises fans will be able to get their hands on these watches in November of 2012.


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Panerai Luminor

Hands: Satin-finished rhodium-plated white SuperLuminova™ (Titanium) or 2N gold-plated black SuperLuminova™ (Magic Gold)

Please welcome Mr. İlker Özcan who will collaborate with on a few articles discussing materials and processes used in watch cases and other components. Ozcan is a professional Materials Engineer and owns a small R&D company ( - and he loves mechanical watches and loves the exotic materials used in those watches. The purpose of this article series is to enlighten watch lovers about many aspects of watch materials so that everyone can make more educated decisions about the watches they are buying. Now on to Mr. Ozcan:

This Blancpain X Fathoms watch is a piece I was really excited to get on my wrist (at long last!). Not only is it large and very complex, but Blancpain claimed that it was fitted with the most complicated rubber strap ever made for a watch. That alone made me curious about it. The X Fathoms is the thematic flagship watch in the "Fathoms" collection. This started with the vintage 50 Fathoms, which led to today's 50 Fathoms, as well as the 500 Fathoms watches. Each of them represents for me the most desirable pieces in Blancpain's current collection given my own tastes. I just love a nice diver! The X Fathoms isn't the  deepest diving "Fathoms" piece, but it is the most complicated. Blancpain has offered basic automatic, GMT, and chronograph versions of their 50 and 500 Fathoms watches. The X Fathoms has a very sophisticated mechanical depth gauge system.

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IWC De Vinci

Mr. Cameron's inclusion in the project was not exactly a Hollywood stunt. It is true that while down there he brought some special 3D cameras to take footage for an upcoming feature film about the bottom of the ocean (with a theatrical release relatively soon), but Cameron is no diving novice. Cameron has actually gone on over 70 deep vessel dives exploring the depths. If you recall he made movies such as The Abyss and Titanic which each involved underwater elements. Cameron is practically a diving hull professional, so putting him in charge of the Deepsea Challenger that took over eight years to develop wasn't that much of a liability. Plus, Cameron almost guarantees that people will pay attention - and who else was going to go down there and appreciate it as much as James?

Calculating a 15% tip (I know, I'm cheap) - just the tip amount in this case:

  • The goal: Calculate 15% of .00.
  • Set the outer ring's "1.5" (for 15%) over the inner ring index ("1").
  • Find "2" (for .00) on the inner ring.
  • The outer ring shows "3" which is .00.
  • So a 15% tip for a tab is .00

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Rado Integral Jubile

Bell & Ross Vintage BR Sport Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Gucci G-Timeless Sport Watch Watch Releases

Retail price USD 14,900.-* / CHF 13,500.-* / EUR 12,500.-*

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 111 – The Automaton Slyde

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 111 – The Automaton Slyde
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At 39.5mm wide the 5130G watch is quite medium in size, being very average for a Patek Philippe. While I would not normally consider a watch this small, for a Patek it does make a lot of sense - and I would make a very quick exception. Longer lugs that are generously spaced allow the piece to feel as large as possible. The 18k white gold case is quite thin and lavishly polished. The finishing on the case and bracelet are extremely impressive and precisely what one should expect from a Patek piece.

The strap change system works really well. There is a pusher on the lugs that you press to release the strap. It clicks out and then clicks back in again. This system allows wearers to interchange Hublot straps which is likely to be a new and lucrative business for Hublot - as its watch owners can personally swap out straps as they like.

As a concept this limited edition is interesting. It is a subtle homage to the influence of show, a reminder of the timeless design of the Reverso, and a unique limited edition piece specially designed to appeal to Mad Men show lovers. This is like a much classier way of enjoying Mad Men in the same way a Star Trek fan might wear Vulcan ears.

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