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Analysis: When it comes to exclusivity and shine, platinum is the way to go. However, gold does have a certain aura to it that only a gold watch can provide, and gold is the standard color for wealth and success. If you wear the platinum watch, you are at risk of fooling people into thinking you are merely wearing a white gold watch, and in the mostly lowly of places, even a highly polished steel watch!

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It is important to always remember the value of copyright protection. Sure there is the benefit on being heard and digested, but there are also fundamental rights at stake. It is not enough to simply credit the author when using another's content. Don't get plagiarism and copyright mixed up as can sometimes occur. They are different issues all together. The lesson is to respect others' content and to protect your own original work. Besides, how often would someone not let you use their writing if you asked nicely enough?

P.E.A.R – People Enraged by Apple Relations: The New Word In the Anti-Apple Arsenal and Apple’s New iPhone Sales Policy

P.E.A.R – People Enraged by Apple Relations: The New Word In the Anti-Apple Arsenal and Apple’s New iPhone Sales Policy

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Experience With The DeWitt WX-1 Concept; A Watch Defying Convention With Unorthodox, Yet Timeless Composure Hands-On

Open the hatch, and you see the single winding module and some black velvety material. Still no switches, but there is a red LED light. The main purpose of this area is to house your watch while you are winding it. But there is some room around the side to place such items as a cleaning cloth, extra watch straps, and the little supplied screw driver. To be effective, the actual watch winding module must be quiet, and entering and removing a watch must be simple, quick, and pose not threat of damage to the watch or winder. The RX does not excel or convey a sense of reliability in any of these areas.

Ball Watch Engineer Master II Diver GMT; Faithful Diving Watch Utilizes Impressive Technology Watch Releases
Ball Watch Company is quickly becoming a perennial favorite of mine for their utilitarian designs and reasonable prices. Ball watches exhibit frequent feats of useful technology or features, but the Engineer Master II Diver GMT really hits a home run. It will be formally unveiled at Basel World 2008, but the key aspects to its anticipated success are its high legibility, use of tritium gas tubes, and DLC (Diamond-like coating) covered case.

OMEGA Speedmaster Mark III

The Damasko DC66 is a bit less expensive than the Sinn 757 but hard to get (not available from its authorized dealer at this time). One is available right now on eBay, and I highly recommend you take a look. The auction started as next to nothing, but I am sure it will end up at a great value below the ,200 retail price.

Bringing The eBay Experience Closer: New Custom Dynamic Live Listing At Evolving ABTW It isn't news that I love eBay. But it is more than just a personal obsession that brings eBay to For a long time I had a dream. How could I share with everyone the watches I love and recommend watches in one easy automated place? Well, I finally figured it out. Check out the newest and most interesting page on Th eBay auction page. What I was able to do, is list live eBay auctions based on a whole list of search terms that I create. I will be adding to the list all the time, and one can visit the page to see tons of great interesting watches available on eBay.

The most popular CRM solutions are web-based, meaning you access them on your internet browsers. The most popular enterprise solutions are and the open-source and less expensive SugarCRM. A new and interesting player is Etelos CRM, which has an innovative manner of integrating with Google and other existing web applications and portals. Further, NetSuite CRM is a known player in the CRM for small business arena and is worth looking at. Before making a decision on using any CRM solution, it is wise to see how the others compare, and there are many!

The finest thing out of Casio is the MR-G series of watches, which use an amazing process which applies a DLC (diamond-like compound) to the surfaces of the watch. DLC is supposed to be one of the strongest materials you can put on something not only to make it tough, but also amazingly scratch resistant. This process makes this Casio more expensive that most at almost 00, but it is worth it if you need total durability. The MR-G also features a solar powered quartz movement with tons of useful functions such as a calendar, chronograph, alarms, and more. The MR-G does not have as many features as a the Pathfinder, but it is certainly more solidly built. A great choice as long as you can be sure the quartz movement and internal computer will last.

The hands of the Cameo watch are also taken from previous Temption watches such as the CGK204 models. Again, you have a distinct modernization of the Bauhaus aesthetic that Temption is known for. Think minimalism with flair. The case itself is curved to flow nicely over the wrist and gives the watch an almost aerodynamic look. Again, another art deco influence that I see. The large screws in the lugs that hold the strap in place visually connect with the round dial on the face. Branching out the hour index markers creates a well balanced surface area that combines visual interest without clutter. This is always a very difficult task for any way, and one that Temption has well considered here. The essential issue is this; how do you make a watch simple and elegant, without being boring? Even the placement of the date window and two squares in the 12 o'clock position combine functionality with symmetry. Just beautiful if you can appreciate the effect.

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Omega Speedmaster Professional Radial Dial 1978

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So take, Germany's eBay portal which is entirely in German, and dedicated for European, but mostly German audiences. If you conduct a search there, which is not cross-indexed with, you will find a whole new world of available watches. The first time I discovered this I was searching for Marcello C and Sinn watches. Marcello C watches rarely show up on, but on, there are always at least a few watches. Same goes for Sinn watches, which enjoy a bountiful following in Germany where they are made.

Artist Profile: The Imagery Of Time With Olga Narozhna Watch Style The steampunk style requires no explanation to some, and for others it might sound like a rebellious adolescent who hangs out at a Chinese laundry. In fact, the idea comes from a design style based on industrialization era futurism and mechanics. Hearkening to a time when steam power ran machines and the future was dictated by Jules Verne, steampunk is retro futuristic when industrial design was a gentleman's pursuit and nothing such as plastic or semi-conductors were ever heard of. Pure steampunk style is like Renaissance faire clothing for Victorian era purists, but the clockwork fascination has taken everyone from weekend goths, to the leather crowd by storm. Some would say it is a subconscious rebellion to the mass produced culture of disposable goods; to brandish exposed watch and clock gears reminiscent of when craftspeople solely made such items. Others simply attribute the steampunk style as a fanciful expression of modern impressionism. Either way the visual appeal is immediate, and the tangible novelty is lasting.

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As you can see the BR 02 is unmistakably a diving watch. You almost see bubbles rising in the back ground as you gaze at it. Imagine yourself wearing large divers gloves attempting to operate the internal rotating bezel to measure rising times. There might not be a good deal about the watch which is innovative, but it really is the epitome of a diving instrument, and that is just what it seeks to be. Bell & Ross has never attempted to reinvent the wheel, instead they work to polish and perfect classic ideas and designs. The majority of people who wear this watch are never or rarely going to submerge this watch past washing their hands, yet they know they could reach 1000 meters. Far deeper that a human in a diving suit can venture into the ocean. This watch is for those who like to be prepared, or at least like to live in excess.

Analysis: Both watches have names that are a whopping seven words long! I think they each could have added a couple of more words to the names to make them sound more dignified, like the tittles of foreign dignitaries. However, there is only a limited amount of real estate space on a watch, and there must be room for other things, like time telling.

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From your perspective, you can easily tell a good quality metal used on a watch. The easiest way is to look how well machined it is. Only quality metal can be machined with high precision. Sharp angles, and high detail on a watch indicates good metal. The heft of a watch, also operates as a good indication of metal quality. Next look at well pieces fit together. Are there many gaps? Are pieces flush with one another? Does the metal bracelet flow easily over your hand. Like I said, craftsmanship has a lot to do with this as well, but good metal is more solid, and results in more solid shapes. The better a metal, the more of an angle you have give it. You can easily appreciate a watch crafted from good metal. It is the other type of metals which concern me more, and result in people wearing "chinsy" looking watches.

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The device would do two things. First it would make a measurement of your metabolism. Using heart rate, temperature, age, weight, and other types of personal data, the device would have a very good assessment of how many calories someone burns while just sitting around, and what they are burning while exerting themselves. Imagine if you could just look at your wrist after walking up some stairs, "16 calories burned." Based on this constant feed of metabolism data, people will better understand their own bodies, and learn proper exercise habits.

Wear Your Speedmaster On VELCRO® Brand

The bezel is a distinct point of interest, almost cartoon looking in its boldness. It is a bit over the top, but the whole point is instill the sense of ruggedness, which also applies to the large crown and retaining bar in the middle on the strap connection between the lugs.

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A bit more about the Lumencraft Gatlight on here.

The Wenger AeroGraph Countdown Chrono From


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De Fine Time is an eBay store that often has a couple of Citizen Campanola watches available for auction. As the watches are becoming more popular, more people are bidding, but you are still getting an amazing deal compared with retail prices. Having purchased from them before, I can say that their products are as described, and they are pleasant to deal with.

Costs are usually reasonable for CRM solutions. Some are free, but free versions offer very limited functionality and want you to use their business solutions which are not free. Pricing is done per a user (user in your business, not customers) per a month. Some CRM providers offer consulting and implementation services as well. There is usually a high cost to use their in-house integration services, so it is recommended that you spend a little bit of time using an out-side provider to help implement the CRM you choose.

Most watch sellers online are not authorized dealers, and that is potentially not a problem. A non-authorized seller can offer prices below an authorized seller because they are not bound by an agreement with a manufacturer. In order to maintain themselves, unauthorized retailers will "decode" watches. This is the process of physically removing the serial number or code on a watch. There are different ways to do this of course. You have the back-alley scratch it off with a sharp object - to the professional neat and clan removal. Not having the serial number on the watch protects the watch seller as each watch can be traced due to the codes. It is not so much for the gray market seller, but more for the original authorized seller that often places the watch in the gray market to begin with.

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It is this sub 00 watch segment which is mostly ignored. There are likely some reasons for this, but I think it is a negative omission that could easily be addressed. In the US, most watches sold, by far, are under 00. There is no good resource for information on what is out there, and new items from manufactures. Aside from online forums, such as the Poor Man's Watch Forum, there is little out there on the strongest segment of the US market. Hopefully this will change in time.

The pictures above are meant to serve as realistic ideas of what the Tag Heuer phone is going to look like. The watch bracelet and case are taken from Tag's Link line of watches. A very comfortable and respectably watch by most standards even though they are so mainstream. The meat of this this phone is in the face which has a number of pushers on the side. Close inspection of the face reveal indicators around the bezel that suggest a touch screen. This has been implemented before well on the Tissot T-Touch line of watches.