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A foudroyante is also called a jumping seconds hand. What it mostly does is move very quickly on a watch dial. Depending on the speed of the movement, the foudroyante hand makes a few very brief stops as it makes a full revolution each second. The one above for example make six stops each second, and runs continuously as opposed to being part of a chronograph.

Pre-owned or used Rolex watches can be a good deal, but again, require a fair amount of time to locate, verify, and purchase. There are used Rolex watch dealers out there, or you can use a range of online resources to purchase Rolex watches from existing owners. The problem is that these resources are mostly geared toward knowledgeable enthusiasts who know what they are looking for. Novices new to Rolex are going to find these resources more challenging, so we recommend going to a reputable pre-owned Rolex dealer. Alternatively, you can, of course, visit a new Rolex dealer for the most simple, but of course, pricey experience.

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No-nonsense caseback, well-protected signed crown and sharply dropped lugs. Good casework throughout.

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Blancier Grand Cru Watch With Nespresso Capsule Dial

Blancier Grand Cru Watch With Nespresso Capsule Dial

To put it as simply as possible, the tourbillon runs via a single gear train all the way to the escape wheel which uses a fixed fourth wheel (normally running seconds) upon which it makes its rotation, spinning the cage as it goes along. The carrousel on the other hand, runs two gear trains, the first from the mainspring to the escape wheel like a normal watch, the second running through the third wheel with additional gears to turn the cage sitting on a platform that is geared to rotate.

Graham calls the new Chronofighter Prodive "the reference luxury diving watch." While I like the piece I think that is a bit of a lofty statement. I am pretty sure that other people referencing something makes an object a reference. Not "self-referencing" that you are a reference. It was a cute effort though.

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The stand-out collector's (wealthy collector) Piaget watch for 2013 is the Emperador Coussin XL Ultra-Thin Minute Repeater (that we debuted here). In our previous article on the watch we discussed most of the technical specs and we won't repeat all of those here. This post is about hands-on with the slim and formal minute repeater - a continuation of Piaget's quest to offer as complete a family of ultra-thin watches as possible.

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As famed Formula 1 race car driver Michael Schumacher announced his retirement, Audemars Piguet also announced his new limited edition watch. A few days ago I debuted the Royal Oak Offshore Michael Schumacher Limited Edition watch here via Forbes. You can visit that post for details on the watch as well as more images. Here I'd like to offer some thoughts, humor, and more views of the watch itself.

In addition to diver-style watches, the most popular sport watches are pilot-style timepieces - and there are tons of them. Pilot watches are some of the original "big watches" and it is hard to pinpoint exactly who created them first. People tend to agree that many of the early ones were German and Swiss from as early as the 1920s. This particular quintessential design is sometimes referred to by the "B-uhr" name and has been reproduced by dozens of brands. Because we like them, we chose the Original Senator Navigator by Glashutte Original to represent this iconic living legend watch as there is no clear "living parent" to the design. Glashutte Original makes a few pieces in their Original Senator Navigator pilot watch collection with an average price of about ,000 and they are very high in quality even though they are rare to be found even where Glashutte Original watches are sold. Other brands who offer this design sell them at prices from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars.

The steel strap alternates with polished and brushed links that could not work better with the polished bezel and the hour markers. That combination gives the watch a slight shiny appearance that, while not ostentatious, makes it noticeable from far.

1. October 2011 auction – 1967 “pre-moon” Omega Speedmaster Professional with “chocolate” dial – discoloured over the years to form a unique brown colour (re-editioned by Omega recently as a tribute to their mistake!!) – sold for £7,080

Recently Corum formally announced their limited edition Chargé d'Affaires set of watches as the newest piece in their Heritage collection. This is a piece perfect for vintage lovers. What Corum essentially does is modernize the design of an actual watch from the 1950s, but uses the exact same movement that the original had - only produced with modern technology.

That might be a trivial point of amusement, but its implications are very complicated. Advice from trusted people in the industry was basically "be nice and let brands love you so that you can make a lot of money." That is the game in watch media because the brands control everything. "Would you rather be respected or rich?" My response to that is consistently "I don't want to sell out because I don't need to." I do this because it is fun and it is my passion. And if I merely curtail my editorial to flattering the brands, it will destroy the reason people come to aBlogtoWatch in the first place.

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Tech specs from Jaquet Droz:

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Read part 1 of the interview here.

I’m usually skeptical about Kickstarter watches. After the success the Pebble enjoyed, every other new Kickstarter watch seemed contrived and reeks of wanting to hop on the Pebble / Smartwatch bandwagon. This, however, is different. It may be a quartz piece, but its design is unique and cool, but that’s mainly because it was designed to help the blind tell time. This is one Kickstarter watch I would support.

On the wrist, the Deep Space Tourbillon is rather tall because of the larger domed sapphire crystal. That is OK given the concept and design. Many of Halter's previous watch cases were more interesting, but there is sufficient detailing on the case and, in titanium, it wears light enough. The tourbillon cage and components are also in titanium, which is the de facto material of course for these weight-conscious applications. The tourbillon consists of a few spinning elements. First is the tourbillon itself in the middle of the watch that spins once each 40 seconds. Central tourbillons are on the rare side, so that helps make the Deep Space Tourbillon unique.

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Meeting Kobe under the horological circumstances was quite interesting as Mr. Bryant isn't exactly new to the high-end watch business. He was involved in a start-up watch brand a few years ago which actually partnered with Kobe to produce a line of Black Mamba watches. The brand was a favorite of mine and I was sad to see them go - it was Nubeo. The financial crisis killed them, and it is possible they will resurface one day. That won't include their relationship with Kobe. Through conjecture I learned that Kobe more than likely lost money in the deal. And as friendly as he is - with his collected and polished social coolness - the "Nubeo situation" is a sore topic. I didn't press the topic as others did. No matter, there is a new Black Mamba watch in town.

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