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Design of the bezel is adequate. I doubt Marcello C. will use a sapphire crystal overlay like IWC does, but it should be nice nonetheless (likely an aluminum insert). The bezel design looks to be nicely integrated with the dial - which is nice. The watch face should be really easy to read, and I like the symmetrical placement of the date. Little details such as the date disc being black on the PVD models shows the type of attention that I have always admired Marcello C. watches for having.

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This model with the more-or-less inset (I say that because their housing sticks out a little bit looking high-polished mounds) pushers offers the cleaner look of just having the crown. Longines actually throws in a nice steel stylus that you can use to correct the pushers yourself. I love that they included this - though how cool would it be if the stylus somehow could be stored in the case or bracelet? I already previously discussed how I think someone should modify an ardillon buckle pin on a strap to double as an inset pusher adjustment tool.

Here is something new. I just learned about Revelation watch and am rather impressed with some of the elements in this watch. When it will be ready I have no idea, but there are a few things neat about this piece. Most notable is the dial that goes from solid to clear. Meaning you can have a more traditional flat black dial with hour indicators, or one that is totally open with a view into the movement. Well, that is the basic idea at least.

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Seen through the sapphire crystal caseback, the Chopard L.U.C 12.96 automatic movement has twin barrels with 65 hours of power reserve and of course is nicely decorated. The rotor is in solid 22k gold and is a micro-rotor. It is also COSC Chronometer certified which isn't too common in watches of this type. Chopard really did a good job mixing classical elegance with a timeless looks in this watch. I think it is one of the best in it genre. Prices for these pieces ranges a bit - retailing at about ,500 of the standard gold version and up to around ,000 for the diamond version. See one of these Chopard L.U.C XPS Diamond watches available on James List here.

Citizen Satellite Eco-Drive Watch: Gets Time From Space

Citizen Satellite Eco-Drive Watch: Gets Time From Space

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Above you'll find a a collection of dressy style Seiko Solar watches that are currently available in the US. The watches are a bit small at 37mm wide, but were probably created for the Asian market first. They are all in steel cases, some with gold tones applied and are water resistant to 30 meters. Movements have the time and a day/date complication. They are part of the  "SNEXXX" range which are all model references numbers starting with "SNE" followed by three digits. My favorite of the pictures pieces is ref. SNE039. Prices for most Seiko Solar watches are between about 0 - 0.

Looking at the pushers, Helson used a classic design to manage the problem of waterproofing. Particularly for a 500m-rated watch, pushers leak, so the solution is to have threaded sleeves as shown here that screw down and lock the pushers in place into their gaskets. Simple, robust, proven. On the negative side, you can't use the stopwatch underwater, but the only exceptions I know to that are much more expensive watches like the IWC chronograph and such. For dive timing, the idea is that you use the bezel anyway.

Thanks to Christopher Ward for the review unit. Opinions are 100% independent.

Tag Heuer Monaco Automatic Sixty Nine Watch Available On James List

Tag Heuer Monaco Automatic Sixty Nine Watch Available On James List

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Still, the carbon fiber model speaks to me a lot more. I am actually not a big fan of all those black on black watches. Mr. Biver calls the look "visible invisibility." The titanium and green model looks a bit like a toy to me. I mean, it is toy. Maybe a serious toy, but still a toy. This is another watch that I call "Hollywood movie prop." Pick your fav sci-fi or action movie and I bet this watch will look appropriate on some character. The carbon fiber one is a bit more mysterious and sinister. It also has the benefit of being the only carbon fiber cases dive timepiece that I know of - and that is pretty cool. I am pretty hot on the idea of carbon fiber cases. I was very skeptical about them at first, but brands like Hublot have convinced me that they are worthy. In addition to being light and having a smooth feel to them, they are really tough and naturally absorb shock.

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Therefore, brands create artificially high prices and invest heavily in marketing to craft an image that it hopes will adhere to concepts of luxury that you value given your desire to have nice things that are well made and that other people who "know" might appreciate.

Rolex Explorer 2 Watch For 2011 Watch Releases

See Patek Philippe watches on eBay here.Unemployed Charlie Sheen's Over 0,000 Patek Philippe Ref. 2438/1 Watch Feature Articles

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The following timepiece auction analysis post is by Chris Meisenzahl. He is a long-time watch enthusiast and daily Speedmaster Pro wearer. He blogs at The Pretense of Knowledge and can be followed on Twitter at http://twitter.com/speedmaster.

The models are simple looking with steel cases and nicely legible dials. The real style point is the X style cross hairs on the dial which works nicely with the sparse gauge look and Arabic numerals. The design isn't utterly unique, but presented in a novel way and feels satisfying. Though sometimes you might have to play "spot the seconds hand."

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You can tell that there are three versions of the dial. White, black, and black with white chronograph subdials. The watch dial looks great. Vintage looking font for the Arabic numerals, with all the necessary marks for easy reading. Lots of SuperLumiNova on the dial. the hands are an interesting mix between the two genres as well.