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It is likely that Breitling will extend their original Emergency watch policy to the Emergency II. That policy saying that if someone uses an Emergency watch in a true emergency situation, Breitling will replace their Emergency watch without charge. A replacement is necessary due to the antenna system which is designed for one-time use.

Harold F. from Mobile, Alabama, USA asks:

This won't be my standard watch review format. Yes, part of the following will be a review of Schofield's Signalman DLC GMT PR watch, but we will also be highlighting a wider selection of Schofield products. No, I don't mean sunglasses and cologne (eye roll) but rather watch-related accessories like their Strap Kit and Watch Wallet. If you haven't been on Schofield's site and have not seen these products for yourself, you're in for a treat. This tiny English brand has created a rather unique luxury environment and to be best appreciated, it should be viewed as a whole.

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If you happen to stumble upon the website you probably won't think it has anything to do with watches. It doesn't, acting as a sort of aggregator for insurance providers for its audience. However, one of their marketing people (Karl) is a pretty serious watch lover (and proud aBlogtoWatch reader). As a way of trying to tie together what his employer does with his love of watches, he came up with his own list of the top 20 watches ever... as a way of lightly suggesting "you might want to think about getting your timepiece collection insured."

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