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The modern version of the Rolex GMT-Master II was introduced almost 9 years ago, and Rolex updated it last year by releasing a new stainless steel version with a blue and black ceramic bezel. This watch is significant because it is the first watch to have a bi-color ceramic bezel and it is also the first time Rolex used the color blue and black on a GMT-Master. Find out if this watch is worth its 0 premium over the regular black version in our review.

Bremont Kingsman Watches For & In 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' Movie Watch Releases Bremont Kingsman Watches For & In 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' Movie Watch Releases

Ah, yes - the price. Some have complained about the cost of the Oris John Coltrane Limited Edition considering what you get – but I have a feeling those people will quiet down if/when they actually experience the Bader strap, as well as see how perfectly the dial sits on almost any-sized wrist (at least a healthy multitude of them). Yes, there are other offerings out there with a similar aesthetic. I think the Hamilton Intra-Matic (reviewed here) is one of the greatest retro-styled watches out there, for example, as well as an excellent value: it has a similar movement, and can be had for around half the price (with a sapphire exhibition casebook to boot). The Intra-Matic, however, doesn’t have the amazing Bader strap and other fine finishing aspects and details that set off the Oris John Coltrane; with no seconds hand, the Intra-Matic is also more aggressively vintage-styled, making it more of a novelty and less of an exact comparison.

"I wasn't going to buy this watch, but then I noticed Amazon had it with ,000 off! What a deal. With the money I saved I purchased a brand new BMW and still had money left over for a Disney vacation. How many watches save you money to buy a car and a vacation? Now whenever I see someone with money troubles I tell them to buy this watch and save ,000. I am considering buying 10 of these watches so I can save 0,000 and buy a house on cash. Retirement saving is also no longer a concern for me, as I plan to buy one every year and live off the ,000 I save."

Right off the bat, the stage is set for a more restrained Ball, one that is a bit dressier – or perhaps, more conservative, depending on your point of view – than some of their other offerings. This is further reinforced by the bracelet, with its polished centers set into the brushed finish of the outer links. Where it really stands out, however, is the highly legible dial.

Breitling Chronospace Military Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Some aBlogtoWatch writers as well as people I know actually spend relatively little new money on watches when they acquire new items. They do this buy selling and trading what they have for what they want. aBlogtoWatch has a good article on how to trade watches here, but the basic idea is simple: work with a dealer or private individual to trade a watch you have either wholly - or with some money for something else you want. Sure this makes it difficult to "grow" a watch collection, but you do get the benefit of variety and being able to explore many more watches than you'd otherwise be able to afford. Even a lot of "rich guys" engage in frequent watch selling and trading - only with watches that are at levels most people might never be able to afford in the first place.

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The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

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My First Grail Watch: Stephen Forsey Of Greubel Forsey

My First Grail Watch: Stephen Forsey Of Greubel Forsey

1. Apple Watch Hands-On: The Wristwatch Just Caught Up To The 21st Century

Patek Philippe and Rolex are perhaps the most successful names when it comes to watch brands that perform well at auction. Among the two, Patek Philippe has a lot more "million dollar watches" it can claim, based on its history of producing complicated exclusive timepieces. Even traditionally, Rolex was in the market of producing a lot of watches. Rolex's most valuable timepieces at auction are prototypes, limited production models, and other low production pieces. There are a healthy number of watches throughout recent history that have achieved winning bids for more than ,000,000, but they are rare. Often times, they are actually the same watches that circulate from auction to auction exchanging hands among elite collectors. The majority of Rolex and Patek Philippe timepieces at auction are far more reasonably priced, and only a handful are those that are able to surprise people with intensely high prices.

2014 celebrates 20 years of A. Lange & Söhne's iconic Lange 1 watch. It was launched when A. Lange & Söhne relaunched in the early 1990s, and today remains their most distinctive timepiece with its balanced, yet asymmetric dial. In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1, the German watch maker has released a limited edition version of its Lange 1 Tourbillon, known as the A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Tourbillon Handwerkskunst ref. 704.048F, in platinum with a black enamel dial.

Simple three-hand M-Line and C-Line Swiss Made watches will have starting prices of 240 GBP (about 5 USD), and will go up to 980 GBP (about ,570 USD). The C41 collection watches range in price from ,200 USD - ,570 USD. Furthermore, for the time being, Uniform Wares will make all of their Swiss Made watches exclusively available for purchase on their website.

Historic Breguet No. 3519, 4111 Pocket Watches & No. 2655 Carriage Clock Hands-On

Historic Breguet No. 3519, 4111 Pocket Watches & No. 2655 Carriage Clock Hands-On

JS Watch Islandus 45 Years Anniversary Edition Honors A Watch Maker Watch Releases

    Tech Specs from JS Watch

  • Movement
    • Swiss Made Mechanical movement with custom upgrades.
      Manual winding.
    • 17 jewels, Custom decorations, Blue screws and Gold plated finish.
    • Custom made beveled and polished 3/4 bridge with Côtes de Genève stripes and unique engraving decoration.
    • Swan neck regulator.
    • Glycudur screw balance.
    • Perlage on main plate, engraved and gold plated balance bridge, sun polished wheels.
    • Incabloc anti-shock protection and Nivarox hairspring.
  • Case
    • Material: Surgical grade German Stainless Steel "316L".
    • Diameter: 44mm, height 11.5mm.
    • Surface finish: Highly polished.
    • Curved Sapphire Crystal with multi anti reflective coating on the inside.
    • See-through Sapphire Crystal back.
    • Water-resistance: 50 meters.
    • Lug with: 22mm.
    • Hand engraved individual numbers
  • Dial
    • Solid Sterling Silver dial.
    • Antique Gold finish.
    • Golden Roman numerals.
    • Guilloched by hand with an extremely precise intricate design.
  • Hands: Flame blued Breguet style hands.
  • Strap
    • Handmade 22mm Ostrich, Ostrich leg or Genuine Alligator with JS Watch co. Reykjavik buckle or optional deployment clasp.
    • Steel bracelet also available.

2014’s Best Watch Tribute To A Jazz Legend: Oris John Coltrane Limited Edition Review

2014’s Best Watch Tribute To A Jazz Legend: Oris John Coltrane Limited Edition Review

aBlogtoWatch Reader Joins Us For Watch Weekend In Los Angeles Giveaways

The answer whether in 2014 the glass of wine was half full or half empty for the luxury industry is a moot point. It was, indeed, a challenging year. Obviously, geo-political developments occurring in the Middle East, Ukraine, Hong Kong, or China impacted business. Also, lower than expected economic growth rates in the BRIC-states, plus the still sluggish economies in Europe had a negative influence.

For a watch that is predominantly black and silver, the choice of a brown leather strap seems a bit off, at least to my senses. Fortunately, I did have another 20mm strap with quick-change spring bars around, and confirmed: the Wellograph looks better with the darker strap. Given the quick change nature, even one made from rubber or ballistic nylon would present an even more "exercise ready" look. Fortunately, there are some other options available, as well as an all-black finish on the case.

Weiss Special Issue Field Watch Hands-On

Weiss Special Issue Field Watch Hands-On

5. Rolex Ambassador Sir Jackie Stewart On Watches, Cars, And Good Taste

When you see Jackie admiring the watch on his own wrist you can see tell-tale signs of a watch guy. There is a perceptive stare that takes in all the details while contemplating the gestalt of the design. His hand runs over the crystal, bezel, and bracelet admiringly. This is a watch Jackie has worn countless times, and yet it continues to impress him. At this moment, he is wearing an 18k gold GMT-Master II, but over the last few days, I've seen him with a Everose Cosmograph Daytona, and also a new green-dialed gold Day-Date on a matching green strap. Green is sort of his color, British racing's color, and it happens to be Rolex's color as well.

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Pretty much, only brands like Jaeger-LeCoultre are able to accomplish such feats of engineering that result in working watches and don't suffer from "barely working to broken" within a few months. That isn't a joke, as a lot of "exotic" complications from smaller brands don't really receive the research and development necessary for them to be reliable machines. In some instances, it doesn't even make economic sense for brands to do so. Imagine a company comes out with a limited edition of 20 pieces model that includes a novel mechanical complication - how much money and effort can they afford to put into testing the mechanism and still produce, deliver, and ideally profit on that few watches? Just think about it.

Hands: 18kt pink gold minutes and hours hands

On the mixed blue or blue & red NATO strap I think the Orient Flight comes alive much more than on the brown strap. If you want a more sober appearance I recommend choosing the Flight with a black case and dial with a black strap (ref. FER2A001B0). When opting for the version with the blue dial, you clearly want to wear a watch with some personality. If that is your goal, then swapping out the strap is a fun idea - and not just for this watch of course.

Brand: Ball
Model: Engineer II Marvelight
Price: ,899
Would reviewer personally wear it: Just about without a second thought - if it were not for my bracelet sizing issues.
Friend we'd recommend it to first: This is for someone with tastes like my own - conservative styling, but looking for a watch with a bit of subtle flash.
Worst characteristic of watch: All of the polished surfaces - they are fingerprint magnets.
Best characteristic of watch: The complete look of the watch. You get something that could almost be considered retro in many ways, but packaged up with modern materials and excellent illumination.

Is META Watch Pursuing A Patent On All Analog/Digital Dial Smartwatches?

Is META Watch Pursuing A Patent On All Analog/Digital Dial Smartwatches?

Consumers like to get the most out of their money, and for many watch collectors, this means getting their pieces from the grey market and not brand boutiques or authorized dealers. If we are just looking at pure prices, it is hard to beat the grey market dealers. The reasons are numerous and have been covered elsewhere on this blog. But did you know that there are some unexpected benefits of buying from authorized dealers and brand boutiques, apart from having peace of mind and the sheer experience? We tell you what some of these perks are.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Chronographe ref. 6012521 is part of a later collection of Duometre watches which contain a particular breed of in-house made movements from Jaeger-LeCoultre. So before talking about this specific model, it is important to discuss the collection overall. Visually speaking, what makes the Duometre movements unique is two things. First, the movements have bridges produced from German Silver. Most watch movements are in plated brass, but German Silver does not need to be specially processed after being machined.