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Apple will also need to rethink their hatred of buttons. Messing around with a touch screen watch in the dark or trying to activate one function and not another is not particularly enjoyable when a watch is controlled with precise swipes and touches. Buttons around the edge of an iWatch will increase people's ability to control the watch in a more tactile manner versus having to look at the watch all the time. Legibility will be a major factor in whether consumers purchase the iWatch as a mere novelty or more deeply incorporate it into their life. A careful study of the world's most popular watches will surely aid Apple in understanding what good legibility means.

As a limited edition for 2012 Graham releases this new dive watch version of the Chronofighter called the Chronofighter Prodive Professional. Highlights include a bold design, monopusher chronograph and 600 meters of water resistance. One cool thing that Graham seems to suggest is that the chronograph can be used underwater. If this is true, then the watch does in fact set itself apart from most diving chronograph watches that would have their water resistance ratings compromised if their chronograph mechanisms were used while the watch was submerged.

Could you shed more light into this peculiar complication - its history, the cheapest minute repeater watch around etc..? Is it a worthwhile complication or something nice sounding but totally useless ?

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Pretty soon, high-end Geneva-based watch maker Urwerk, will release a watch that includes their new EMC mechanical movement - a mechanism that will no doubt appear ironic and perhaps insane to those not acquainted with the passions that drive the mechanical watch industry. In short, the EMC blurs the lines between mechanical and quartz timing regulation in an amusingly obsessive way that points to the sheer limits of how much your average watch aficionado is willing to endure. Urwerk calls the EMC the first "mechanical smart watch movement," so let's find out what it is all about.

The price for the John Varvatos edition of the Ernst Benz Chronoscope has a premium over the standard Chronoscope models - even other limited editions. Aside from the fashion label name, it is reasonable to ask what you are getting. Well for one thing you get the unique hands and dial treatments. The case also features the vintage style rectangular chronograph pushers versus the more simple round "plunger" style pushers. The straps are also unique for these timepieces. Another interesting thing to note is that there really isn't a gray market for the Varvatos pieces. While you can get Ernst Benz pieces online at discounts, the Varvatos pieces are hard to come by, and only available online via the official John Varvatos store.

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